2017 Restaurant Food Trends

2017 Restaurant Food TrendsNow is the time of the year where chefs and restaurant owners alike are evaluating their menus and evolving them to fit the coming trends. This year’s food forecast calls for more sustainable ingredients, more diverse cuts of meat, and even an increase in ethnic flavor profiles. With that said, ensure your operation is protected with a customized Champaign-Urbana Restaurant Insurance program and heed the following advice for revamping your menu this year.

Healthier kids’ menus.

The classics like burgers, fries, and pizza will always be reigning champions on kids’ menus. However, think of a way to artfully present vegetables and lean proteins on their menus this year – you’ll keep the parents and the kids satisfied!

Sustainable seafood.

As more chefs and consumers are becoming aware of the impact overfishing has caused our ecosystems, more and more restaurants are opting for sustainable seafood. From salmon to tuna, there are viable solutions to protecting our oceans and still giving your customers what they want. Pay attention to the environmental impact your menu has and indicate which sustainable source your fish comes from to make customers feel good about their choice.

House-made condiments.

Whether it’s a special type of sriracha or a made-from-scratch ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise, chefs see consumers clamoring for it. House-made condiments are experiencing center-of-the-plate popularity, states the National Restaurant Association.

New cuts of beef.

Affordable yet often overlooked cuts of meat are now being offered on menus nationwide. From beef shoulder tender to Oyster steak, look for novel cuts of meat to bulk up your menus.

Ethnic ingredients and breakfast items.

The breakfast craze is huge right now, so take advantage! From breakfast tacos to Asian-inspired waffles, there are so many different options you can provide your customers to expand their palate and their diversity.

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