4 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

4 Easy Ways to Improve Employee ProductivityThe traditional work landscape has changed drastically over the last few years. With so many employees now working from home and other remote locations, productivity is often questioned. However, a recent survey conducted by FlexJobs indicated that employees are most productive when not working from the office. With so many distractions and interruptions, it’s no wonder many employees prefer working from home. However, as not all small businesses can benefit from remote employees, let us explore how to ensure productivity in your office. Further, now is a great time to evaluate your Champaign-Urbana EPLI to ensure your business’ protection.

Reduce distractions.

Open office environments are especially prone to distractions. However, by being thoughtful about how your employees work, they can be much more productive. First, encourage listening to music only through headsets, minimize speakerphone conversations, and hold meetings in an enclosed area to prevent distracting others around you.

Prevent digital distractions.

According to Small Business Trends, being interrupted by colleagues hinders productivity for more than three-fourths of people in the survey. Simple tricks such as closing an office door or hanging up “Do not disturb” signs can help prevent in-person interruptions, but digital interruptions are harder to prevent. Therefore, choose only one type of communication (rather than instant messages, email, texts, etc.) to get a hold of employees throughout the day to allow them to focus better.

Hold fewer meetings.

Routine meetings often lose focus and importance. Before holding the meeting, ask yourself whether the information could be better provided in an email and if it’s worth pulling employees away from their work. If the meeting is necessary, keep it short and stick to an agenda.

Make employees comfortable.

Some employees work better from the comfort of their own home. While a couch may seem like a distraction in the workplace, it’s actually conducive to focus. Bring in comfortable furniture, if possible, to allow your employees to lounge and work at the same time.

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