4 Key Urbana IL Restaurant Insurance Policies You’re Missing

4 Key Urbana IL Restaurant Insurance Policies You're Missing

As a Champaign County restaurant owner, your operation faces many risk and loss exposure through the course of your operation. From sever storms causing business interruption to kitchen accidents resulting in property damage or injuries, there are many potential exposures to losses. Luckily the right Champaign County business insurance program can keep your operation financially protected from a number of exposures, property losses, injuries, businesses interruptions and lost income, was well as various liability exposures.

Here are four commonly missed liability exposures that Urbana eatery owners frequently face yet often fail to prepare for.

  • Liquor Liability- If you serve alcoholic beverages of any type (beer, wine, spirits, etc.) you need liquor liability overage. Any operation serving alcohol becomes responsible for the sale and consumption of those products. Any establishment that sells, serves, or assists in the purchase or use of liquor opens its doors for a liability claim that could result from over the consequences of a patron’s overindulgence. Should an intoxicated customer cause injuries or property damages to other parties, the business that served the alcohol could be liable for any losses or injuries that occurred as a result of the intoxicated patron’s actions, behaviors, or conduct.
  • Food Contamination- Whether you’re serving directly to consumers or other entities rely on the food goods your operation produces, food contamination can cause major business complication. Food contamination is a broad term that can encompass accidental contamination and malicious product tampering anywhere throughout the course of food production, from suppliers to prepares and retailers. This coverage is often added to a food spoilage policy which helps cover loses should food goods unexpectedly go bad due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Food-Borne Illness- Food-borne illness seriously affects about 48 million people in the United States each year, or roughly1 in 6 individuals according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and many more mild cases go unreported or untreated by medical professionals. Should your operation face allegations of being a source of perpetuating food-borne illness there could be serious legal and financial complications, including investigations into your business practices and costly legal battles. Food-borne illness insurance is designed to help restaurants financially in the event of such allegations.
  • Cyber Attacks- With cyber attacks and cyber hacking increasing and identity theft on the rise, restaurants using any electronic data transferring, storage or payment methods are at risk. Should your operation’s point of sale system be breached or internal financial records and bank data be compromised, you could face costly clean up, recovery and other operational complications. Cyber liability coverage can help pay for security breach cleanup, legal complications and other expenses that can accompany a cyber security attack.

At Myers Insurance Group, we strive to help Champaign County businesses find quality insurance products at affordable prices. Our Urbana IL Restaurant Insurance programs are fully customizable to met the needs and exposures of your operation, because we understand that no two restaurants are the same. To learn more about our operation or our restaurant industry insurance programs, contact us today at
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