5 Tips to Sell Your Home

5 Tips to Sell Your HomeThe weather is warming up nationwide and the peak of home selling season is rapidly approaching. Marketing your home, like most sellers discover, requires tact and a lot of planning. If you are looking to make a change, upgrade, or simply start fresh, we have provided a few useful tips to help sell your home quickly and for the best value. Once you settle into your new home, Champaign County Condo Insurance can insure your property and protect your assets.

As mentioned in our previous post, Buying a Home requires a lot of steps of its own. However, understanding the opposite end’s perspective and catering your home to their needs will prove beneficial for you. Following these recommendations will promote the sale of your home much quicker.

  1. Price it Right- U.S. News states that the first 30 days of activity on your home being on the market is the best activity you are going to see. Pricing too high makes buyers believe you are not motivated to sell and are not willing to negotiate. Experts recommend shaving 15-20% off the home’s value to attract buyers.
  2. Clean & Depersonalize- The less memorabilia you have in the home, the easier it is for a potential buyer to envision themselves living there. Real estate agents also suggest putting 1/3 of your belongings in storage so as to unclutter the home. Next, remove your critters! Keep in mind not everyone is an animal lover and smelling a litter box or being covered in fur might be a turn off.
  3. Curb Appeal- Simple upgrades such as planting flowers in the front yard, putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, making the front door pop, or hanging new curtains can make all the difference to a potential buyer. Since a first impression is all you get, it is crucial to optimize your home during this time!
  4. Stage- Setting up furniture in a functional way and showing the best use of the space is key. Don’t leave rooms empty-give every room a role.
  5. Be Willing to Show- Although it may be difficult to always keep your home in top shape during the selling process, always being willing to show your home only gives you more opportunity to sell. This shows buyers you are motivated and willing to work with them. Keeping your home clean allows for short notice visits without too much stress.

At Myers Insurance Group, we understand that selling your home requires tact and patience. However, when you make your move, we are here to ensure your new property is safeguarded from the many risks a homeowner faces. To learn more about our offerings, contact us today at (855) 534-5707.

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