Avoiding Common Renter Mistakes

Avoiding Common Renter MistakesFinding the perfect place to live can be a stressful process. It’s not uncommon for renters to settle into a place in a hurry just to get settled and avoid the stress of hunting and qualifying for a rental unit. However, these common mistakes can end in disaster. Therefore, in addition to protecting yourself and your assets with a custom-tailored Champaign-Urbana Renters Insurance policy, avoid these common renter pitfalls.

Not understanding the bills.

In some buildings, tenants are responsible for their own bills; in others, the building owners might take care of certain bills like water and trash pickup. There are also apartments that split the bills evenly across all tenants, which means you might end up paying for a neighbor who likes to take hour-long showers. Before you make the decision to move in, make sure you know which bills you are responsible for and ask what a typical monthly bill costs, explains Fox News.

Not being familiar with the neighborhood.

Scout out the local grocery stores, entertainment, shops, restaurants, and conveniences before committing to an apartment or rental unit. Be sure to check out traffic and safety in the neighborhood before moving in.

Failing to record prior damage.

Upon moving out, any damages that are not recorded from the start will come out of your security deposit. To avoid getting dinged for someone else’s damage, document existing damage with a camera immediately after moving in. Notify your landlord or leasing office to prevent getting stuck with additional repair fees.

Completing renovations without getting approval.

Leases often restrict the amount of creativity you can have in your rental unit. Anything from hanging shelving to painting walls or upgrading materials can be forbidden. Check with your landlord prior to doing any renovations, even if they’re meant to improve the space.

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