Beer Brewing Companies Migrating to Illinois

Beer Brewing Companies Migrating to IllinoisCraft beer has become one of the most exciting markets around. However, due to prohibition style regulations, many Wisconsin brewers are moving their businesses out of the state that is historically known for beer brewing. As more of these brewers move to IL, restaurant owners in the state must make sure that their IL Liquor Liability Insurance is up to date.

For many brewers, brewpubs are a great way to create a steady income while allowing people to get to know your product. They allow potential investors the opportunity to see that there is a market for your product. The outdated laws within the state of Wisconsin prevent the owners of breweries from being able to hold a liquor license for other businesses. In other words, a brewery cannot own a restaurant or tavern to sell their own product directly to consumers. They must sell to wholesalers, who then turn around and sell to accepting retailers. This creates a three-tier system that makes it harder for breweries to introduce new items.

Older, established taverns and restaurants are opposed to changing the laws and regulations that were put into effect almost a century ago. They are afraid that breweries being allowed to sell their own product will threaten their current business. This is a slight change from the thought years ago when the laws were made that breweries were contributing to excessive alcohol consumption by pushing bartenders to sell as much of their own product as possible.

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