Boosting Workplace Safety Champaign County Restaurants

Boosting Workplace Safety Champaign County Restaurants

If you own or manage a restaurant in Champaign County, you likely understand many of the countless risk and liability exposures your operation faces on a daily basis and how important it is to protect your operations against losses. But did you know that workers’ comp claims account for one of the largest percentages of Champaign County restaurant insurance claims, and result in some of the highest business losses?

Champaign County Workers’ Comp is one of the few mandatory policies for Illinois business owners, and the prices can be high, especially for restaurant owners. This is because restaurant employees are at risk for accidents that are unique to the food service industry. As such, boosting workplace safety can not only help keep Workers’ Comp premiums low, but also help protect your employees’ wellbeing.

Here are a few basic tips for reducing accidents and injuries in your restaurant:

  • Make sure all workers are fully trained on the proper way to operate equipment and always use the appropriate protective gear.
  • Keep work areas clean and free of loose debris of standing water. Clean up spill immediately and remove wet spots, obstacles and other obstructions all floor paths.
  • A large percentage of restaurant industry workers’ comp claims are related to slips, trips and falls. Restaurant owners should require workers to wear slip-resistant shoes, hairnets, plastic gloves, aprons, and other attire. Doing so can help prevent slips, falls, burns, cuts and other injuries as well as food contamination.
  • Roughly 23 percents of all restaurant injuries involve workers’ fingers. From oven mitts when handling hot items, to cut resistant gloves, proper hand protection can go a long way in reducing common injuries.
  • Minimize strains and sprains by employing proper ergonomic lifting techniques, eliminate excessive reaching, and establishing policies that require multiple workers to share lifting burdens for items over a certain height.

Myers Insurance Group understands the various exposures inherent in running a restaurant. That’s why we specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of business insurance coverages to address these risks and exposures. Our Champaign County Restaurants insurance programs offer complete liability and property coverage insurance, including Liquor Liability, Food Contamination coverage, Food-Borne Illness insurance, Cyber Liability, and much more. To learn more about our operation and all of our offerings, give us a call today at (855) 534-5707.

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