Buying a Home? Get the Edge Over Competition

Buying a Home? Get the Edge Over CompetitionThe housing marketing is undoubtedly hot at the moment. So, what better time to take advantage and get yourself into a home? While there is likely going to be plenty of competition, you’re going to need some advantages to really score the home of your dreams. Therefore, heed the following advice to get an edge over your competition. More importantly, however, is securing the best IL Homeowners Insurance policy available.

Move Quickly

If you love the home, don’t wait. Taking the time to sleep on it could be the difference between getting the house and losing it to a competitor who makes an offer. Get pre-approved for the mortgage and have your paperwork in order. Even if another potential buyer is offering cash, this doesn’t mean anything if they don’t decide to make an offer before you do.

Offer More

Especially when there are multiple offers on the table, it may be necessary to offer a little more than the asking price. This will make the buyer more likely to want to work with you and your contingencies, as well.

Make a Connection

According to Susan Smith of Hilton and Hyland in Beverly Hills, if the seller has an emotional connection to the property, the owner may favor a buyer who plans to occupy the property over an investor who plans to make major changes and rent or re-sell the property. Establish a connection to the property, and write the owner a thoughtful letter to demonstrate your love of the home.

Take it one step further by displaying your interest in the property. Most buyers are quick to notice all of the shortcoming and flaws of the home rather than its true beauty and features. By doing this, you are more likely to show the seller your intent and approval of the home.

At Myers Insurance Group, we specialize in protecting homeowners throughout Illinois. We have specially crafted policies that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. For more information, contact us today at (855) 534-5707.

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