Champaign County Auto Insurance: Winter Car Care

Champaign County Auto Insurance Winter Car Care Like much of the country, Champaign County is being bludgeoned by heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures. The snowy conditions are making roadways and transportation increasingly dangerous as accidents have been prominent, traffic heavy, and road closures are prevalent as local and state agencies work to clear the roads. Champaign motorists also face numerous loss exposures off the road as a result of the winter storms. Auto maintenance and upkeep are vital in winter months to prevent the need for costly repairs. While a strong Illinois auto insurance policy can help motorists recover some weather related losses, there are many things auto owners can to to prevent common damages.

Here are a few common mistakes Champaign County motorists make when caring for their vehicles in winter and how to avoid them.

  • Hot water snow removal: Hot water is often a popular choice with motorists attempting to melt the ice off the vehicles quickly. While this method will effectively thaw even the most stubborn frozen water, there can also be a few problematic side effects. Scientifically, a rapid change in temperature extremes can make solids unstable. Practically this means that, the sudden change in temperature from freezing to extremely hot could cause glass to crack and shatter, it could also cause metal to warp, making this method extremely dangerous. Additionally, if the outside temperature is still below freezing, water dripping to the ground will re-freeze around the vehicle creating an ice puddle, an even larger safety hazard.
  • Abrasively removing snow from cars: Choosing the right tools for snow removal is important. Using a shovel or other sharp metal or plastic edge to clean snow or ice from your vehicle could result in scratches, scrapes, abrasions and other damage that can lead to greater complications. Auto paint is designed to help protect your vehicle from the elements, however when the paint is scratched or worn the metal frame below could become exposed. When the underlying metal framework is exposed to rain, snow or other weather, it becomes subjected to trusting and corrosion. Instead, motorists are encouraged investing in various products designed specifically to help clear snow and ice build ups from vehicles gently, thus protecting the exterior paint and frame.
  • Scraping off the ice: Ice can be more damaging to a vehicle and is often much harder to remove than snow. While ice scrapers are popular and viable choices for glass exteriors, they should not be used on any part of the painted exterior for the reasons mentioned above. Furthermore, ice has the additional quality of being hard and abrasive on its own. Unlike snow which can be brushed off, experts recommend that ice sheets should be picked up by hand rather than pushed across any surface of the vehicle. Sliding ice off a vehicle can leave scrapes and scratches.
  • Washing your vehicle: Road salt is an abrasive substance which can cause damage to tires, body, exposed metals and other vehicle components if left alone, which is why it is extremely important to remove it as quickly as possible. However, improperly washing off these salts can cause even more damage. Attempts to wipe the salt off your vehicle without properly washing it first could leave behind significant scratching and marring. Automatic carwashes can scrape hundreds of pieces of salt along surface of the vehicle. So what is the best way to get the salt and grime off? Experts recommend thoroughly rinsing down your vehicle with water first to remove as much of the salt as possible to prevent it from being rubbed into the surface during the washing process. This should only be done when temperatures and weather permit.

At Myers Insurance Group, we provide drivers throughout Champaign County and Illinois with personal insurance plans to protect against unforeseen damages and injuries. With access to several select top-rated insurers, we can obtain the most affordable rates for the coverage you need. To learn more about our Champaign County Auto Insurance options and our operation, contact us today at (855) 534-5707.

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