Regulating Pools in Champaign County Condo Associations

Regulating Pools as Champaign County Condo AssociationsPart of the responsibilities of an Illinois community association as a regulatory authority, is to oversee and facilitate the use of community features, such as recreational areas. It is not uncommon for apartment complexes and condominium communities to have such amenities as a swimming pool or hut tub available to residents. Illinois has strict regulations pertaining to swimming pools for community use, such as those at apartments, condominiums, and other groups or associations having 5 or more living units. As such, it is important that condo associations understand their role and responsibilities under the Illinois Swimming Facilities Act when it comes to providing these community features, especially to avoid potential liability complications.

One of the most important elements of Illinois Swimming Facilities Act, are the rules governing the use of the swimming facility, and the responsibility Champaign County condo associations have to inform about and enforce these rules. By law, pool facility use and conduct instructions to patrons must be displayed on placards adjacent to the swimming facility entrance and must be enforced by the swimming facility manager/operator. This means that condo associations can be held legally responsible for improper signage or enforcement of the state and local regulations. Additionally, swimming facility management also has the authority to implement and enforce rules that are more stringent than, or that supplement, those required by the state.

When crafting any community policies, it is vital that Champaign County condo associations consider their risk and liability exposures. Illinois apartment and condominium associations have broad property and liability insurance concerns, which fluctuate based on their charter and the size of their community. At Myers Insurance Group, we specialize in helping community associations throughout Champaign County find comprehensive insurance solutions. Our Community Association Insurance specialists can help secure customized coverage to fit the needs of your unique operation. To learn more about our operation, give us a call today at (855) 534-5707.

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