Champaign IL Contractors Insurance: Biggest Accident Risks

Champaign IL Contractors Insurance: Biggest Accident Risks Champaign IL Contractors Insurance Biggest Accident Risks

Construction job sites are a dangerous work space by nature. There are countless constantly changing hazards which construction workers and personnel face each and every day throughout the course of their activities. As such, safety should always be the first priority on any Champaign County job site. Here are a few common construction accidents and tips to help contractors and their employees avoid them.

  • Slips and Trips: From loose debris to slick and uneven surfaces, there are a number of hazards which contribute to a workers increased likelihood of losing their footing on the job. As a result, slips and trips are some of the most common workplace accidents. Fortunately, these risks can be reduced by ensuring that employees keep all work areas clean and clear of loose debris, trash, standing water and other hazards. Also, ensuring that workers always wear the proper non-slip, heavy duty footwear can make a huge difference in their ability to maintain and regain their traction.
  • Falls: Whether it’s off of a ladder, a roof top or from a piece of heavy machinery, the risk of a fall injuries is extremely high on most construction jobsites. Improper dismounting and missteps in particular from tractors, cranes and other machinery are a common cause of construction site injuries from sprained muscles to fractured and broken bones. When there are any elevated surface present on a job site there is a risk of accident and injury, as such following proper safety protocols and utilizing step ladders, grab bars, guard rails, and harnesses whenever workers are aloft can greatly help reduce their chances of falling.
  • Falling and projectile objects: A hammer left on a scaffolding platform is accidentally knocked off buy a busy worker; a crane line breaks sending its load plummeting to the ground. These situations and others like it are not uncommon on construction sites and land development projects. Falling and projectile obstacles pose huge dangers to workers and as such contractors must take extra precautions to avoid such accidents and injuries. For example, accidents involving strikes to the head and body are incredibly common on construction sites but can be greatly diminished with the proper use of hard hats and head gear.
  • Being crushed or struck in machinery: Being caught, crushed and stuck in or between equipment and machinery is one of the leading causes of amputation and dismemberment according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is extremely important to discourage workers from crowding and gathering around heavy machinery, especially while it is in operation, and ensure that all safety precautions and procedures are fully followed for safe operation.

Unfortunately, even the best safety practices aren’t enough to prevent every jobsite accident. Construction site accidents, especially those involving worker injuries and fatalities are devastating to all parties involved, and can absorb many of an employer’s recourse. That’s why having a strong Workers Compensation program can help protect yourself, your employees and your construction operation.

Myers Insurance Group provides a full array of insurance products and services to artisan contractors to help protect you in the event of a property or liability loss, workplace injury or accident, and so much more. Our Champaign IL Contractors Insurance specialists can craft commercial insurance programs designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your operation. To learn more about our operation and our business insurance solution, contact us today at (855) 534-5707.

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