Champaign Residential Development to Spur Further Projects

Champaign Residential Development to Spur Further ProjectsGrowth, development and progress are continually changing and shaping the way the city moves and breathes. As the plans for a large new structure downtown are being put into place, talk of other projects to come has begun. You want to ensure you have the best coverage with your Apartment Association Insurance as these projects inspire residential building.

  • Hans Grotelueschen’s Building- The project that started the talk, this building is planned as a massive, two tower structure that will include a hotel, residential and office spaces as well as retail space, lots of parking and there is even talk about a new version of the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum.
  • Downtown Plaza- This 11 year old plan is back in talks after being voted down in April 2014. As Grotelueschen’s project gets started, the parking lot that is used for several entertainment events such as Blues, Brews and BBQ and the Champaign Music Festival is being taken over. A Downtown Plaza Area would be ideal as an alternate site for such community events.
  • Neil Street- The city council has expressed an idea for upgrading Neil Street between I-74 and downtown to appeal to more of the booming tourist population. The project would include developing the empty lots that used to be Gateway Studio, upgrading housing on both sides of the street as well as some streetscaping to make the street more accommodating.
  • Housing- While the new Grotelueschen building will have housing there are some concerns about the apartments being a bit pricey for some residents. There are plans to create other, more affordable apartment buildings, as the new development brings more jobs and therefore more residents to the area.

As new development projects begin, the city will undergo many changes but once completed, it will be transformed into a new, thriving place for tourists and residents alike.

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