Champaign Workers Compensation Insurance

Champaign Workers Compensation InsuranceChampaign Workers Compensation Insurance

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation insurance provides coverage for employees who are unable to work if they get injured or sick while on the job. It is an essential type of insurance for businesses to carry, particularly those in the construction industry. In many states, it is mandatory for companies to have workers compensation insurance.

What’s Covered?

Workers compensation in Champaign, IL covers healthcare expenses including medical and rehabilitation costs. It is also a form of wage replacement and provides money for living expenses while workers are recovering. Injuries or illnesses suffered can range from one time accidents such as being hit by a falling object at a construction site, or long term illnesses that may come from being exposed to chemicals or radiation. Employees may also be able to receive compensation for things like back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a repetitive stress injury associated with long hours spent at a computer.

What’s Not Covered?

This form of insurance is designed to strike a balance between the needs of employers and employees. Employees receive benefits no matter who was at fault in exchange for agreeing not to sue their employers. As such, things like pain, suffering, mental anguish and employer negligence are not typically covered by workers compensation insurance in Champaign, IL.

It is important for both employers and workers to understanding what workers compensation insurance is and what it covers so they know what to expect when someone is injured or becomes ill while on the job.

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