Could we Soon See the End of “On Call” Shifts?

Could we Soon See the End of “On Call” ShiftsAs many business owners know, there will always be changes to state legislation as well as changes to company policy that affect the business profit lines. While you want to make sure that your business is successful you must makes sure that your employees are being taken care of as well. In the event of any employee disputes, you want to make sure your business is covered with the best Champaign Employment Practices Liability available.

What started as an employee lawsuit against Victoria’s Secret, has expanded into numerous companies eliminating “on call” shifts from their schedules. “On call” shifts require an employee to be available and to call in to their employers during specific times to see if they are needed. If they are not needed, they do not go in to work and do not get paid for the shift. This means that if an employee is on the schedule for 18 hours, and 9 hours of that schedule are “call in” then the employee is only guaranteed 9 hours of pay for the week.

While “On Call” shifts save companies money by paying employees only as truly needed, they are volatile to employees due to the amount of uncertainty that it creates for living situations. The number of guaranteed hours scheduled is just a critical to support a decent living wage as the per hour wage. As low-wage workers fight to increase their hourly pay, the fight for hours scheduled also grows. A pay increase will not help if there aren’t any hours to work.

Whatever new concerns of your employees may arise, you want to make sure that your business is protected from employee grievances.

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