Declutter your Car for Safer Traveling

Declutter your Car for Safer TravelingEveryone who uses their car for commuting has likely been faced with a cluttered interior. Plus, driving with other passengers such as friends, family, or children is even more distracting. With a combination of both, the car easily becomes cluttered with toys, trash, work files, school folders, and the like. Since safety if the first priority on the road, it’s time to take some proactive steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. Therefore, in addition to following these simple decluttering steps, secure your vehicle with a comprehensive and customized Champaign Car Insurance policy.

Organize, organize, organize!

Since children always ride in the backseat, organize the area to accommodate them. Pocket holders draped over the front seat can provide an area for games, tablets, books, wipes, etc. that kids might need during the ride. Or, if they like to draw, keep washable crayons and markers in pouches in the organizers, as well.

Next, put breathable mesh storage bins in the trunk for stashing any dirty uniforms or clothing. This way, your car won’t smell like a locker.

File important documents.

Keep an accordion file in your glovebox to organize important documents such as registration, insurance, and receipts. This way, you’re not scrambling around in an emergency situation.

Always keep a trash can in the car.

Especially if you have children, a trash can is your best bet for keeping your car decluttered. Small trash cans meant for vehicles can be purchased at any major retailer, or you can always keep a tissue box handy to do double-duty.

Add Clip-On Hooks.

According to Good Housekeeping, these handy hooks hold everything from dry cleaning to umbrellas and grocery bags and prevents them from rolling around the back seat.

At Myers Insurance Group we know how important it is to protect your passengers and have a safe commute. With these simple steps, you will be less distracted on the road and therefore, provide a safe ride for everyone on board. Call us today to find out more information on our Auto Insurance Policies. 855.534.5707

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