Ensuring Safe Summer Travels

Ensuring Safe Summer TravelsWhile traveling in the summer may seem less threatening than braving a winter storm, there are plenty of perils that await you on the road. With school out and summer in full swing, there are more drivers and more risks of accidents than the rest of the year. Ensure you are protected with an iron-clad Urbana Auto Insurance policy, and heed the following safety advice.

For example, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), August actually had the highest number of fatal car accidents of any month in 2013, with 3,136. What’s more, July and September each had over 2,900 fatal accidents themselves. So, avoid the following causes of accidents.

Tire blowouts.

The air in your tires expands with hot weather, making them more likely to pop in the summer. During heat waves and during the summer months, periodically check your tire pressure. If it falls below the manufacturer’s recommended PSI, fill them up immediately.

Road congestion.

With an influx of people on the roads with the same idea you had, you are likely going to experience heavy traffic on your road trips. Be cautious of impatient drivers who may drive aggressively and be prepared for additional driving times to reach your destination.


Summer is a popular time to see construction on the roads. So, be wary of construction zones, watch for workers, and be mindful about potholes and roadblocks from the work being done. Furthermore, pay attention to the bikers that might be surrounding the area, as well.

Excess heat.

In addition to staying hydrated on your drive, your car is more prone to overheating in the hot summer sun. If your car overheats, pull over to the side of the road and turn it off. Wait for it to completely cool before starting again and be sure to go easy on the air conditioning to prevent it from happening again.

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