Holiday Safety Considerations

Holiday Safety ConsiderationsDecorating for the holidays is surely a family tradition. While it’s intended to bring holiday spirit and warmth into your home, there are some safety considerations to think about when putting up a tree, hanging lights, lighting candles, etc. Therefore, to prevent a holiday decorating disaster, consider the following advice. Even more importantly, ensure your Champaign-Urbana Homeowners Insurance is up to date.

Pick the right tree.

Buying a dried out tree is a fire hazard, so ensure the needles don’t snap when bent and that the resin on the trunk of the tree is sticky and fresh. While this may seem like a messy disaster, it ensures the tree is healthy and will last the month in your home.

Place the tree away from heat sources.

Don’t position a live Christmas tree next to fireplaces, heating ducts or radiators, nor place them where they block doorways or high-traffic areas. Remember that artificial trees, even if they have a “Fire Resistant” label, can still go up in flames, too, says Stacey Palosky, a spokesperson with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Be mindful of breakable bulbs.

If you have children or pets, don’t hang breakable bulbs at the bottom of the tree. Instead, opt for non-toxic plastic or wooden ornaments and replace the metal hooks with ribbon to prevent choking hazards.

Water your tree.

A dry tree will burn faster than one that’s been watered, according to John Drengenberg, consumer safety director at Underwriters Lab, an independent safety science company. Gently tug on a branch- if a lot of needles fall off, it’s time to water the tree!

Ladder safety.

Place the ladder on firm, stable ground, and use levelers if you’re on an incline. Next, make sure the ladder can withstand the weight of you and the objects you’re hauling up, as well.

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