What to do After a Home Break In

What to do After a Home Break InImagine this: the holidays are coming to an end and after spending a fun time out of town with your family you come home to find that your home has been broken into. In an ideal world this would never happen, but the devastating reality is that home theft is common during the holiday season as many families do go out of town leaving their homes unattended. While you want to make sure that you have the best Urbana Condo Insurance before a theft occurs, there are some steps you should take to help get you back on your feet.

Call the Authorities

Contact the police as soon as you realize there is something wrong. The longer you wait the harder it will be to catch the culprits and have your stolen items returned.

Log Details

If you happen to be home or come home when a burglar is in the process of robbing you, write down every detail you can remember about them including: what entry points the burglars broke into, the number of intruders, sex, approximate height and weight, age, race, clothes they were wearing and direction the went. It is important to write these details down and quickly as possible because you may forget. Any details you can remember will help the police find the culprits.

Photograph but Do Not Disturb

Take photos of the scene to give to the police as well as your insurance company. You want to document exactly how the scene looks as well as the items that were taken but be sure not to touch anything. The police may be able to obtain finger or footprints or other identifying evidence that may help them to track down the burglar.

File a Report

Once the police arrive, they will conduct their investigation and give you options to file your incident report online or at the station.

Call Your Insurance Company

Once your police report has been filed contact your insurance company. Your insurance company will ask for the police report number so they can use a lot of the officially filed information to process your claim. An adjuster will then come out to inspect the scene himself or herself. This is where the photos that you took at the time will pay off.

Secure Yourself

After all the paperwork has been dealt with, find out where your weak points in security are and work on fixing them to prevent future break-ins.

At Myers Insurance Group we know how important it is to yourself and you home from burglars. Call us today at 855.534.5707 to find out more information on our Urbana Condo Insurance Policies.

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