HVAC Contractors: Safety on the Job

HVAC Contractors Safety on the JobAs an HVAC Contractor, you know that there are many safety and health risks involved in your work every day. Along with making sure you have the best HVAC Contractor Insurance, there are some simple safely practices that comply with OSHA guidelines.

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is an organization that is part of the Department of Labor. It is responsible for ensuring that businesses provide safe and healthy working conditions by enforcing standards and training within a company. Part of this process requires that every general contractor employees a safety manager that is certified as being OSHA trained and is responsible for onsite safety training and encouraging workers to maintain safe work practices.

Some of these safe work practices include:

Machine Safety- This includes the proper way to use a machine, maintenance and cleaning as well as Lockout/Tag Out instructions to prevent injury.

Ergonomics- Lessoning the strain or muscle fatigue of employees by making sure they are doing a job or using equipment that doesn’t strain them. For example, having a chair at a computer desk that allows the employee to monitor screens without having to constantly bend, or making sure someone doing heavy lifting is using proper lifting techniques.

Blood Borne Pathogens- This covers training on how to properly handle exposure to blood and open wounds on the job site.

Safety Gear- includes, gloves, aprons, hard hats, goggles, and face shields. Having proper safety gear can prevent a number of incidents.

Clothes and Shoes- Wearing proper clothing can protect against hot or cold environments as well as burns from machinery and chemicals. Proper footwear can help increase traction and protect feet from falling objects as well as hazardous spills.

Following these along with other OSHA guidelines help to ensure that your team is as safe as possible while on the job site.

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