Illinois Condo Association Insurance: Setting Decor Rules

Illinois Condo Association Insurance: Setting Decor Rules Illinois Condo Association Insurance Setting Decor Rules

With the holiday season in full swing, now is a great time for Illinois condo associations to step back and review their holiday decorating guidelines. While some guidance is necessary to prevent community safety and fire hazards, it is always important to find a balance between beneficial to the community and being a holiday humbug. Observing your tenants’ habits and preferences this year could help improve decorating guideline in years to come. Here are a few questions Home Owners Association (HOA) boards can ask themselves when evaluating and restructuring holiday decoration guidelines.

  • When was the last time the decorating guidelines were updated? The answer can range from earlier this year to bye-gone eras past. Guidelines should change with the times and also with current occupancy and habitation trends. For example, a modern update to decorating guidelines can be requiring the use of LED lights instead of old florescent and incandescent strands which can be a safety hazard and a power drain.
  • Are our guideline reasonable? One of the key elements of successful condo association management is to maintain an atmosphere of practicality and fairness. Holiday decorating regulations should afford homeowners as many liberties as safely and efficiently possible while still promoting the standards of the community.
  • Should we ban certain types of decoration? Unless there is a direct safety hazard or potential to disrupt other tenants, banning certain types of decorations can be a slippery slope for condo association owners. To that end, large, noisy and obstructive decorations should be discouraged on the basis of safety and overall community consideration.
  • Can we make exceptions to existing annual policies for the holidays? Door decorations might be prohibited most time of the year, however HOAs can choose to make certain exceptions for holidays as they see fit. However, when making exceptions be sure to set specific expectations as to when decorating may start and when they must be taken down by.
  • Should we set a decorating begin and end date? Many condo associations choose to restrict holiday displays to the month of December, while others allow tenants to begin decorating as early as 30 days before a holiday and disassemble displays up to two weeks after.

When establishing or revising condo association guidelines, it is always important to ensure that all tenants are advised of the current and new policies to avoid any complications.

Apartment and condominium associations have broad property and liability insurance concerns, which fluctuate based on their charter and the size of their community. At Myers Insurance Group, we specialize in helping HOAs throughout Champaign County find comprehensive insurance solutions. Our Illinois Condo Association Insurance specialists can help secure customized coverage to fit the needs of your unique operation. To learn more about our operation, give us a call today at (855) 534-5707.

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