Implementing an Effective Return to Work Program

Implementing an Effective Return to Work ProgramAs a responsible business owner, you are likely aware of the risks your employees face on a regular basis. As no industry is immune to workers’ compensation risks, a safe working environment, proper training, and effective management are all essential. However, accidents do happen. Therefore, an effective return to work program is a necessity to ensure morale, productivity, and money are not lost. Here is how to implement such a program to reduce claim costs for Champaign-Urbana Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

  1. According to the National Association of Wholesaler Distributors (NAW), assign an individual or the RTW team to be responsible for the program. Include representatives from both management and labor (union) in the planning process and on the team.
  2. Establish expectations with all employees about safety practices and require each one to participate in training and upholding safety procedures.
  3. List physical requirements and expectations on job ads to ensure the most qualified candidates apply. This will also help to identify who is cut out for the demands of the position, as well.
  4. When an employee is injured, do your best to offer transitional positions to get them back to work as soon as possible. Even if they cannot complete all their original tasks, allow him or her to do a less physically-taxing role until they are fully recovered.
  5. Report and investigate the incident as soon as possible to prevent future injuries from occurring.
  6. Train management on how to properly handle an employee injury. Stress the importance of managing the claim and getting the employee back to work as quickly as they are able.
  7. Demonstrate your interest in the injured employee’s well-being by keeping in touch with them during their treatment and following up with their doctors.

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