When Should I Look to Rent an Apartment?

When Should I Look to Rent an Apartment?Depending on what you’re in the market for, what you’re looking to accomplish, and the type of dwelling you wish to pursue, there are a few different factors to take into consideration when starting the renting process. To help you get the most bang for your buck, we have compiled some useful information to take with you on your hunt. However, wherever you end up and whenever you decide to move in, ensure your belongings and your property are secured with a Champaign-Urbana Renters Insurance policy.

May through September- most available options.

As college kids are moving in and out of their apartments during this time, this is a busy time for rental units. In fact, according to Rent.com, most Americans move between these months, which isn’t a surprise when you consider college-aged kids, summer break, and feasible weather to move.

However, because of the number of people moving during this time, it’s common for renters to face some stiff competition when trying to secure their place. Be prepared with the right paperwork, proof of income, references, and any other documents as needed to expedite the rental process and beat out the competition.

October through April- money saving deals.

Because this is more of an “off-season” in the rental market, you are more likely to find deals on apartments that landlords and leasing offices wish to fill. Look for rental units that have more supply than demand to ensure you get the best deal!

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