Menu Development and Teamwork

Menu Development and TeamworkWith the shift in nutritional regulation and consumers’ increasing awareness of health and what food they put into their bodies, there is a growing need for chefs to incorporate wholesome foods on their menus. Therefore, now is a great time to collaborate with your team to develop a healthy and profitable menu. As you venture through this process, ensure your establishment is protected with a custom-tailored and comprehensive IL Restaurant Insurance program.

According to the National Restaurant Association, as dietary guidelines and menu labeling evolve, specific ingredients – such as sodium – must be carefully measured, a responsibility that has typically fallen in dietitians’ arena. Chefs have traditionally dreamt up new dish ideas and flavor-bursting ingredient combinations, but now, more than ever, these professionals must often be cognizant of nutritional content, too. Here is how to create a new menu.


Emphasize teamwork with various departments including cooks, legal aide, and marketing staff to ensure the new menu coincides with the brand and follows all regulations. This will create cohesion within the restaurant, as well.

Hone in on trends.

Incorporate the food trends that make sense for your restaurant. For example, dedicate a part of the menu to global cuisine, vegan options, ethnic cuisine, or another relevant trend. Brainstorm with your staff to get ideas about which types of flavors you can put on your menu that will be successful.

Include storytelling about your new menu on social media.

If you roll out changes to your menu or introduce new items, establish narratives to share internally and externally. When employees and customers are aware of why and how positive changes were made, buzz can build, explains the article. Generate excitement on social media and spark conversation to draw in more customers.

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