Why You Need Landscaping Insurance

Why You Need Landscaping InsuranceWhy You Need Landscaping Insurance

Companies that provide landscaping services are exposed to potential risks and liability just like every other type of company. They need comprehensive landscaping insurance in Champaign, IL to adequately protect their business interests.

Travel to Jobs

Landscaping companies frequently travel all over the community for work. They go to private residences, corporate offices and parks and recreation areas. It is typically necessary for them to transport equipment to jobsites. There is potential for vehicles to be involved in accidents which could damage them and equipment.  The equipment could also come loose on the road and injury someone.

Property Damage

Landscaping companies should also carry landscaping insurance in Champaign, IL to shield them from property damage claims.  If one of your workers destroys a sprinkler system by running over it, the client may elect to sue for repair costs or replacement of the system. Another scenario that could result in a lawsuit is if a landscaping companies damages trees, shrubs or flowers on someone’s property.

Bodily Injury

Some of the equipment used for landscaping projects can seriously injure people if there is an accident or it is improperly used. Whether it is an employee, client or friend of client on the property, there may be a bodily injury lawsuit that results.

These three examples are all good reasons for landscaping companies to have landscaping insurance in Champaign, IL.

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