How to Nurture your Staff and Customers

How to Nurture your Staff and CustomersEvery customer experience starts with the employees. From the hostess to the server, and everyone in between, your staff plays a critical role in contributing to your customer’s experience. Therefore, it’s important to nurture your employees to not only motivate them, but boost your clientele, as well. In addition to securing your operation with a custom tailored Champaign Restaurant Insurance Package, heed the following advice, directly from the experts.

Value your Team

Work on developing and coaching your team to make them feel more valuable. When they feel their needs are being met, they are more likely to provide the quality service you strive for. Ask them how they’re doing, show interest in their career goals, and set them up for success.

Define their Roles

Each staff member should be adequately trained and know what to expect on the job. This will reduce any confusion and promote efficiency, further improving the customer experience.

Quality Over Quantity

Don’t be afraid to take a few extra minutes to serve a dish if it means making it perfect. The quality of the food you serve is the bread and butter of the business. While speed is also a factor in pleasing your guests, ensure the quality of the food presented is always consistent and delicious.

Remember the Industry is a Small One

Matt Hood, Habit Burger’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained to the National Restaurant Association “Take great care in knowing who came before you; take great care in leaving in a good place for those who come after you; and take care to do your work well.”

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