Preventing Cross-Contamination in your Restaurant

Preventing Cross-Contamination in your Restaurant Food contamination is every restaurant owner’s worst case scenario. Just as important as serving quality dishes, maintaining a clean prep space is critical for this industry. As this goes for the front of the house to the cooks, these safe practices can help to reduce the probability of cross-contamination and Champaign Restaurant Liability throughout your facility. Follow these five simple steps to prevent this issue from occurring in your restaurant.

Personal Hygiene

The National Restaurant Association says in order to lessen the possibility of food handlers contaminating food, institute a good personal hygiene program that includes policies addressing critical hand practices like proper hand washing, hand care and glove use. Further, proper attire should be worn and hair should be secured back to prevent any loose strands from falling into the food. If a server or food handler is sick, they should not report to work as they increase the risk of contaminating food. Lastly, all employees need to wash their hands after using the restroom and after handling raw meat or seafood.

Separate Equipment

Utensils and tools used to prepare raw foods should be separated. For example, specific knives and cutting boards should be dedicated solely to chicken, another set for seafood, and a third for produce items. This way, contaminants cannot spread.

Sanitize Work Surfaces

This includes tables, counters, equipment, tools, utensils, and pans. Each must be thoroughly washed with hot water and soap in order to eliminate pathogens. Remember that simply rinsing off equipment isn’t enough to sanitize it completely.  Be sure to wipe off any excess food particles before cleaning so the product can really adhere to the surfaces and sanitize it. When drying, use a disposable cloth such as a paper towel rather than a reusable towel to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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