Renter Woes: Settling Roommate Issues

Renter Woes: Settling Roommate IssuesWhen renting an apartment, condo or even a bedroom, often times you will have a roommate to contend with. Whether your roommate is a friend or a stranger there will be times when little things that they do will get on your nerves. While you want to make sure that you have the best Savoy Illinois Renters Insurance to protect yourself and your home in the event anything happens, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to help make living with a difficult roommate more bearable.

One of the biggest issues between roommates is a matter of cleanliness. In most cases, one roommate is what is commonly known, as a ‘neat freak’ while the other is less likely to keep the place clean. Dirty dishes might pile up in the sink or clothes and clutter may fill up common areas. You know which dishes you used and which articles of clothing, CDs, or books are yours and you know that the mess is not yours.

The first thing to remember is that you need to be open, speak up and communicate. Often, people do not comprehend subtle hints so tiptoeing around the issue will only leave you frustrated. There is however a difference between communicating with your roommate to resolve an issue and blowing up at them over an issue that you let annoy you to your breaking point. Blowing up will cause resentment between you and your roommate and could in fact make matters worse and make your apartment difficult to live in.

Keep in mind your roommates schedule, perhaps they work during the day and take classes at night, having to rush to eat dinner and therefore leaves dishes in the sink. This may be a chance to offer a time limit on doing the dishes. Let your roommate know that you understand scheduling issues but that perhaps dishes can only stay in the sick for two days. Make sure that whatever rules to help keep the place clean that you set down for your roommate also applies to you.

No matter what the issue, entering a conversation with compassion and having the objective of reaching a conclusion that will work for both parties is a must in order to keep the peace between you and your roommate.

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