Planning on Renting? Follow These Tips

Planning on Renting? Follow These TipsThe majority of people will rent an apartment, condo, or home at least once in their lives. While this is a cheaper alternative to buying, there are some considerations to make as a renter in order to save yourself money and hassle during the leasing process. In addition to obtaining a comprehensive Champaign Renters Insurance policy, take the following into consideration before signing on the dotted line.

The rent price is always negotiable.

While it may be more difficult to swing in a corporate style leasing office, there is always room to negotiate the rent price. Take into account how long the dwelling has been on the market without movement. If it’s been a few weeks with no prospects, chances are the owner or the leasing agency is going to be more willing to lower the price. However, in a competitive market, it’s up to you to determine if risking the place with a negotiation is worth it.

Discuss changes ahead of time.

So, you landed a great place, but there are some obvious cosmetic upgrades that are needed. Before changing the paint color or upgrading appliances, check with the landlord or the leasing agency. Many times, if the tenants are in good standing and always pays their rent on time, they will be likely to approve these changes. However, if not, you may be liable for repaying the expenses it costs to fix a faulty job or repaint the walls, etc.

Scope out the landlords.

While the location and look of the apartment tend to be the first questions about the property, don’t forget to ask about the landlords. Do they fix things promptly? Are they respectful? Do they charge too much? Do they take care of the place? Apartment hunters usually have a pretty good grasp of what to look for in terms of buildings, amenities and locations, but they should take some time to vet landlords. Doing so will give renters insights into landlords’ customer service styles and help them choose buildings where repairs are dealt with quickly and professionally, according to Vicki Negron of The Corcoran Group in NYC.

If you’re considering renting, make sure to protect yourself and your dwelling with a comprehensive insurance policy. Please contact us at Myers Insurance Group at (855) 534-5707 and we will craft a policy tailored just for you.

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