Resale Home Considerations for Buyers

Resale Home Considerations for BuyersBuying a home is an exciting venture. Not only are you looking for a permanent place to call home, but you’re likely going to raise your family and build a life there. So, while many home buyers are aware of the basic factors that contribute to a home’s value, it’s important to invest in a home that will give you a return over the years. In addition to securing your home with a comprehensive and customized IL Homeowners Insurance policy, read on to discover what exactly constitutes value in a home.


First and foremost, where the home is located is directly correlated to the home’s value. Ideally, buyers want somewhere centrally located and close to schools, work, shops and restaurants. Moreover, buyers are interested in being a part of a community, as well. If the community you’re planning on buying into has a rich history and plenty to do, it’s likely going to have great resale value.

Views= value.

Choose a home that has an appealing view. According to Realtor, a home facing a strip mall will sell for less due to its unappealing view, while homes with a pleasant view usually sell for a higher price. This means opting for a view of mountains or a body of water rather than a dingy background. Remember, the price tag might be a bit more, but the resale value is exponentially higher for better views.

Curb appeal.

Consider the curb appeal when looking to buy a home. Does it have bay windows, a front porch, plenty of natural light, or room for a garden? Even if they aren’t in great condition now, great bones in a home can be improved over time.

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