Budget-Friendly Restaurant Publicity Tips

Budget-Friendly Restaurant Publicity TipsAs the restaurant industry is highly competitive, it’s important for these industry owners to develop a marketing strategy to boost revenue. While most assume that marketing tactics cost a pretty penny, there are some simple, cost-effective solutions for promoting your restaurant. First and foremost, ensure your operations are protected with a comprehensive Champaign-Urbana Restaurant Insurance and consider these budget-friendly publicity tips.

Don’t Compare

Just because another local restaurant has a big marketing budget doesn’t mean they are going to be more successful than you- quality food and service are the backbone of any restaurant. Instead, use large marketing campaigns as a reference for your own but be careful not to limit your opportunities this way.

Evaluate Infrastructure

You’ve got to create a solid infrastructure using the three P’s- your People, Place of Business and Business Partners,” said Rudolph Waldner, author of Marketing from the Trenches. As these components are ideal components for success, he emphasizes “Are you ready for a line out the door? Can everyone talk about the specials of the day and upcoming promotions? Is the store clean and signage maximized? If so, you may be ready to give a big-budget competitor a run for their money.” Be prepared and you’ll guarantee your own success.

Partner Up

Team up with local charities and organizations by allowing their gigs to be hosted at your restaurant free of charge. This way, a variety of potential customers can try your restaurant and it won’t break your budget.

Email and Social Media Marketing

Ask for customer’s emails and send them specials, promotions, discounts, etc. monthly to draw more foot traffic to your restaurant. Even better, update your restaurant’s social media page frequently to make the same announcements and to interact with customers and fans.

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