Restaurant Tips: Working with Health Inspectors

Restaurant Tips: Working with Health InspectorsAs any restaurant owner knows, getting a visit from a health inspector can be stressful and even intimidating. However, rather than treating their presence as a threatening one, heed these tips to establish and maintain a positive working relationship with them and ensure your restaurant is compliant with safety regulations. Furthermore, secure your business operations with an Urbana Restaurant Insurance policy.

Remain Professional

If the inspector provides feedback, listen attentively. If there is something you don’t necessarily agree with, politely ask how he arrived at that decision and discuss your intentions. This way, you can reach a solution in a non-confrontational way.

Fix it Quickly

If the inspector identifies a process or a procedure that is unsafe, do your best to remedy the issue immediately. Repeated violations can give the inspector the impression that you are not dedicated to your restaurant’s safety and success, so avoid low scores by fixing problems quickly.

Show Progress

The National Restaurant Association states that in the event your restaurant has a less-than-satisfactory inspection, it’s important to exhibit your willingness to promptly address the issues; show the inspector your corrective action plan and ask him or her to add it to your restaurant’s file.

Ask for Advice

Are you planning on bringing in a new process for your restaurant? Is a new ingredient or menu in the works? If so, seek the advice of the professional inspector. This will show your dedication to your restaurant and show you value his opinion, creating a positive working relationship.

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