How to Develop Risk Management Strategies

How to Develop Risk Management StrategiesManaging risks is essential to the success of your company. Creating a solid plan on how you will handle each of the ups and downs of business can help you succeed when other companies fail. Take time to develop a solid Champaign County Risk Management strategy that will work best for your business.



  • Make a Plan

The first step in setting up a solid risk management strategy is finding out what risks you may encounter. This includes not only identifying each risk but also rating them based of the likelihood that they will impact your company as well as how great an impact that it will have. Put together a spreadsheet that includes the ratings so that you can easily figure out which risks need immediate attention.

  • Decide What to do

Once you have determined what risks you will encounter, the next step is to figure out what to do about each risk. There are four main strategies:

Avoid: If you determine that the risk is too great for your company you may want to simply avoid taking it. While this is the simplest way to prevent loss, it is also the greatest way to miss out on any benefits.

Reduce: If you decide that you don’t want to completely abandon an activity, you can take steps to reduce the negative impact that the risk may have. This is the most common strategy because it allows you to continue with the activity while making it less dangerous to your company. However, there is still a chance that the precautions you set up will not be as effective as planed, causing you to still suffer the loss.

Transfer: With large risks, one of the best ways to lessen the impact that it could have on your company is to transfer the risk from one party to another. This is done in the form of insurance contracts. Just like having car insurance to help cover the risk of an accident, there are many insurance types to help cover the risks to your business including property insurance, workers compensation insurance, and even cyber insurance.

Accept: Whether it is restricting activities and missing out on potential benefits, or an insurance premium, every risk management strategy has a price. Therefor, when it comes to small risks, it may be best to simply accept them rather than to spend time and money to fix a small problem.

  • Monitor

Having a plan does no good if you aren’t checking to make sure it is working. Keep track of what works and make changes when needed.

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