Should your Restaurant Promote from Within?

Should your Restaurant Promote from Within?Whether you choose to hire outside candidates or promote from within, the decision is yours as a restaurant owner. However, the benefits of encouraging your employees to move up within your company are undeniable. As we take a closer look at how to develop an employee for promotion and how it’s advantageous for your restaurant, ensure you have an iron-clad IL Restaurant Liability policy in place.

First and foremost, promoting a worker you know means you understand they’re a good fit for the company and know their work ethic already. In addition, recruiting and training costs can be reduced if you are able to promote from within.

Map out a plan for the employee.

As early on as possible, discuss potential opportunities employees have to move up. It’s important to establish this early on to reduce any thoughts or tendencies of favoritism.

Create stepping stones.

Allow stepping stone positions for the employee to acquire to experience, responsibility, and knowledge. This will ensure they have the confidence in themselves to adequately lead a team in the future.

Encourage team members to excel.

Identify the traits in employees that will make for a great leader. Elana Hobson, division vice president of Jack in the Box, tells the National Restaurant Association, “Look for people who lead naturally, even when they’re not in a leadership role. Look for people who show a passion for the business and for taking care of customers. They show pride in the food and in keeping the restaurant clean.” Tell them what you see in them that makes them stand out so they can hone in on those skills even further.

Provide the right training.

Give hands-on training to employees in order to get them familiar and comfortable with duties. In addition to formal training, ensure they get real world experience to complement it. Or, if you know an employee is ready for a promotion, consider showing them how to close the restaurant, how the kitchen works, or how to open the restaurant.

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