The Legalities of Renting: Tips for Renters and Landlords

The Legalities of Renting: Tips for Renters and LandlordsRenting a room is a great way to collect extra income and help someone out if you have the extra space. However, there are some rules and regulations to follow. While you want to make sure you have great HOA Insurance to help cover any issues, you should be aware of some of the legalities of renting a room in a home.
      • Separate Rental Space

Separate spaces such as mother-in-law suites or stand-alone guesthouses that have their own entrance, plumbing, and a permit to be rented are fair game to rent. They are considered rental apartments rather than room rentals.

      • Occupancy

Certain areas have specific rules on how many non-related people can legally occupy a space. Some areas don’t allow non-related people to live together while others limit the number of non-related persons that can live in the same house. Check with your local City Hall to find out what the rules and regulations state on the matter.

      • Safety

City ordinances determine if a room is safe enough to be considered a rental. For example, windows must have specific minimum dimensions that allow for escape in the event of a fire or other emergency. If a room does not have appropriately sized window, it cannot be legally rented you.

      • Plumbing

Units are required to have access to operational plumbing. This includes fresh running water. If there is no water access, it is not a legal rental.

      • Security

While you want to ensure privacy, some cities require doorways to be able to be easily opened from the inside. This means the double lock door (keys to get in an out for security purposes) may not be legal. Check with the city to find out what security measures are considered legally in code.

Before you rent, whether you are the landlord or the tenant, be sure that the rental room meets all health and safety regulations that are set by the city and your association.

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