Three Types of Insurance to Carry in the Plumbing Industry

Three Types of Insurance to Carry in the Plumbing IndustryThree Types of Insurance to Carry in the Plumbing Industry

If you need to find plumbers insurance in Champaign IL, you will be pleased to learn that there are insurance companies that offer programs specifically for your industry. As you know, the work environment varies for plumbers. However, most plumbers generally work in businesses, homes, and any other place where pipes or septic systems are found. The nature of work and variety of environments in the plumbing profession make it essential to carry adequate insurance for your company.

Here are at least three essential types of plumbers insurance:


1. Commercial General Liability

This type of insurance is probably the most basic plan offered for plumbing contractors. It protects against loss from claims such as property damage and bodily injury to non-employees as a result of your business operations.


2. Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability (EPL) insurance is becoming increasingly popular. This type of insurance provides coverage for claims regarding any type of harassment, discrimination, unfair treatment, etc. When looking for plumbers insurance in Champaign IL, you may want to ask about obtaining an EPL policy.


3. Workers Compensation Coverage

Because plumbers are often more likely to be injured on the job versus other professions, it is wise to obtain workers compensation coverage. This type of coverage provides income replacement and health benefits to employees that are injured while working.

Ask your insurance agent about these three types of policies when purchasing plumbers insurance in Champaign IL. By obtaining adequate coverage, you will have peace of mind knowing your company is financially protected.

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