Tips for Decorating your Rental Space

Tips for Decorating your Rental SpaceJust because you don’t own the place, doesn’t mean you can’t add your artistic and creative flair to your space to make it your own. If drab white walls and outdated fixtures don’t speak to your design style, then follow these rental decorating tips. In addition, don’t forget to protect all of your belongings with a customized Champaign-Urbana Renters Insurance policy.

Get permission.

Before painting the walls or updating appliances and fixtures, get approval from your landlord or leasing office. While it may seem obvious, any changes that were not approved will need to be returned to their original form and that cost will come out of your deposit.

Don’t use wallpaper.

Even though doing so is trendy, it’s best to create a pop of color or texture in other ways. Not only is it difficult to put up, but tearing wallpaper down can be a huge headache. Instead, try placing floating shelves on the wall, painting it a bright color, or using removable decals.

Get creative.

Work with the space you have by being creative. Create storage and maximize space with a wall shelf. Line shoes, books, hats and fashion accessories across DIY shelves to get those hard-to-reach and pretty necessities out of tangled piles and into view. Look for unused corners of your home normally reserved for dust bunnies, and give them new life, says HGTV.


Rather than make permanent changes, accessorize the space. Plants, accent rugs, pictures, and curtains can liven up any drab space. Plus, when you eventually move out, you can take everything with you!

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