Tips Every Tenant Should Know

Tips Every Tenant Should KnowRenting is something the majority of people can relate to. While it presents its fair share of challenges with noisy neighbors or high-strung landlords, renting is an economical housing option. Therefore, in addition to protecting yourself with the right Champaign Renters Insurance, take into account the following considerations to ensure a smooth rental process.

Know the neighborhood.

Research the neighborhood to find out how safe it is and what requirements for safety your landlord is obligated to provide. Any additional locks and safety precautions should be included in the lease before signing.

Come Prepared.

Have your ID, credit history, rental history, proof of income, and references available when going to meet with potential landlords. Especially when going to view properties in a tight rental market, this will give you an edge over your competition by being so prepared.

Read your lease.

Rent, repairs, security deposits and more need to be reviewed prior to signing the lease. Otherwise, miscommunications and mishaps are likely to ensue. Know what you’re paying and what you’re responsible for prior to signing on the dotted line.

Voice your concerns.

Let your landlord know about any potential issues with your new place. Whether it’s faulty wiring or a leak, talk to your landlord promptly. The more open the communication is, the more likely they are to work with you.

Get renter’s insurance.

According to, renters’ insurance isn’t just the smart thing to do; it may be required by your lease; if your apartment is robbed or someone is injured in your home, your landlord’s insurance won’t cover the damages. Therefore, protect yourself with the right policy with limits to adequately cover your possessions.

At Myers Insurance Group we know that your safety and security is the most important thing when renting. Call us today at 855.534.5707 to find out more information on our Renters Insurance Policies.

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