Top Red Flags for Renters to Avoid

Top Red Flags for Renters to AvoidApartment shopping can undoubtedly be overwhelming. With so many options and hoops to jump through to find exactly what you’re looking for, some renters may want to sign a lease to get it over with. However, taking the time to acknowledge these common rental red flags can ensure a quality home for the next 6-12 months. In addition, secure your belongings with a comprehensive Champaign Renters Insurance policy.

The surrounding property looks run down.

Often times, landlords put extra effort into making the apartment they are showing immaculate. While this isn’t a bad thing, consider looking around at the rest of the property. If the laundry room, the leasing office, or the green areas of the property look neglected, chances are the place isn’t maintained as well as it should be.

The apartment shows small signs of neglect.

Small things can be big indicators of the way the apartment is maintained. According to Apartment Therapy, little cracks in the ceiling, a dirty oven, even signs of infestation are are indicators of how your landlord will treat any larger problems that pop up while you live there.

The landlord dodges your questions.

Landlords should be receptive and prompt to your maintenance questions and concerns – within reason, of course. Therefore, if he is aloof to your concerns or never gives you a straight answer, this is a huge red flag.

There are strange clauses and costs in your lease.

A dishonest lease can have the renter paying for insurance costs, taxes, and more expenses that the landlord is responsible for. Before signing on the dotted line, ensure you read over the charges and terms carefully to avoid being stuck with unnecessary fees.

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