Update: Retailers Responding to ‘On Call’ Shift Controversy

Update Retailers Responding to 'On Call’ Shift ControversyWhen it comes to IL Employment Practices Liability, there are many topics that spark controversy. In a previous post, we discussed whether or not retailers would end the controversial practice of ‘on-call shifts’. It seems that a few retailers have heard the message.

On-call shifts require workers to be available and ready to work. When they call in an hour before the scheduled start time they find out whether or not they are needed. With this type of scheduling, a possible thirty-hour workweek can turn into a ten hour paid workweek.

In April, there was an inquiry into the legality of ‘on-call shifts’ following a lawsuit from last year, stating that on-call shifts may be in violation of laws that state that employees should be paid for at least 4 hours at a minimum hourly wage for every shift that they report for. These inquiries looked into 13 retailers including GAP, Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch.

This inquiry led to a decision by GAP Inc. to end on-call shifts within its stores. All five brands under the GAP umbrella have stopped on-call schedules and are planning to phase in all new scheduling by early 2016. Victoria’s Secret also said that in June it would end on-call shifts. Abercrombie & Fitch said that they would end their on-call scheduling practice in August.

With these three major brands starting to realize the instability of on-call shifts for their workers and working to create schedules that are more fair and more predictable, it is likely that other companies that currently have on-call scheduling will soon follow their lead.

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