Using Tourism to Benefit Your Business

Using Tourism to Benefit Your BusinesssWith the holidays in full swing, tourism is bound to substantially increase for the foreseeable future. As many people are taking off work to spend time with their families, now is the best time to gain traction and boost traffic in your business. So, what tops the list for targeting tourist dollars? Aside from securing the right Champaign-Urban Business Insurance policy, here are the top contenders.

Contact past customers.

Customers who already know and love your business are likely to return this year. Play on customer loyalty by inviting customers back via social media, direct mail, or an email invitation. Be sure to entice them to come in with a promotional offer or special sale announcement.

Explain what differentiates you.

Are you family/pet-friendly? Do you stock/grow local products? How easy is it to get to you?  Do repeat visitors receive any special discounts, asks U.S. Small Business Administration.

Partner with groups and companies who have a large following.

Depending on the type of business you’re in, reach out to sports leagues, gourmet groups, adrenaline tour groups, or mom’s groups who can sing your praises to their members. Be mindful that they will be more likely to pass on the word about your business if you make the partnership fair- make a contribution to them or return the same favor.

Target staycationers.

People who haven’t exactly taken a distant vacation will be more apt to take a weekend trip to your business if you make them the right offer. Demonstrate your value and make their trip worth it with a special promotion or discount upon their arrival.

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